Bringing Calm In-House

REIKI is an ancient relaxation and inner balancing technique that’s made an impressive comeback in modern times. Well-respected integrative medicine physicians like Andrew Weill, Mehmet Oz and Deepak Chopra are big promoters of the positive effects of Reiki. Today people who practice yoga or receive massage often have heard of Reiki. Even major NYC hospitals, like Mount Sinai Beth Israel and Columbia-Presbyterian are using Reiki now to help patients relieve stress, alleviate pain, and decrease discomfort.

Now you can add CORPORATE REIKI to your company’s Wellness Programs. Or, offer it as an inexpensive perk to benefit your employees’ well-being.


CORPORATE REIKI, presented by Reiki Master Pamela Bloom, is a revolutionary form of Reiki created specifically for the special needs of the workplace. Transmitted through hands held lightly near the body without touching, it’s a noninvasive technique that requires no prior belief, is not associated with any religion, and is amazingly low-maintenance! All you need for CORPORATE REIKI are a willing subject, two chairs, about 15 to 20 minutes, and a quiet, private space, if possible.

A CORPORATE REIKI session may also include the added options of gentle music and a simple, guided meditation for deeper relaxation. Before receiving CORPORATE REIKI, all clients are asked to sign a Release Form.


Each person experiences CORPORATE REIKI uniquely but most report feeling calmer and more relaxed - even in one session. Repeated sessions increase the ability to relax on call. Many have reported feeling energized for the rest of the day. And some report increased creativity and reduced stress over the long-term. Sometimes a client might briefly fall asleep during a session but will wake up to a clear, refreshed mind. No drowsy after-effects with CORPORATE REIKI!


Businesses may hire CORPORATE REIKI by the hour, half-day or full-day. Interested employees can sign up ahead of time for 20-minute sessions and will be asked to sign a release form. (Longer sessions are available.) A company-wide presentation can first be made to explain the Corporate Reiki process and how it can benefit your staff. Brochures are available.


Any time works! First thing in the morning. Mid-afternoon slump. In the middle of a creative loggerhead. Before a big presentation. When the stock market crashes. During a bonding retreat. As a birthday perk. Or, any time to offset stress and inspire the return to a state of high-functioning coherence.


Custom-made tapes can be created for individual clients who are seeking to further relaxation, physical healing, increased creativity, and more.

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CORPORATE REIKI - NYC provides stress-reduction services in-house to owners and employees of businesses throughout the New York City area and beyond.

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